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With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to rage on, everyone has been forced to quarantine themselves and follow social distancing rules. While these rules are necessary to maintain public health, many vulnerable populations are experiencing the consequences of reduced access to necessary resources. Individuals who are recovering from drug and alcohol use disorders have found treatment […]
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With COVID-19 currently spreading throughout the world with no sign of letting up, public health experts continue to warn the population about the risk of infection. They stress the importance of social distancing, avoiding needless outings, and only going to work if the job is deemed “essential.” While these recommendations and policies will surely reduce […]
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The coronavirus, or Covid-19, which has officially been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, has now spread through all 50 of the United States. The virus has a higher fatality rate than most variations of the flu, with the elderly and immuno-compromised being most at risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]
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