Sober Living

Sober Living

Sober living is a reference to facilities for housing and supporting those who are currently in or have recently exited from a rehabilitation program. The purpose of sober living facilities is to encourage those in recovery to maintain sobriety through living with others are banning all use of drugs and alcohol. Some sober living houses regularly drug test the residents to make sure a sober lifestyle is maintained.

The Benefits of Sober Living

After a person in recovery exits a rehabilitation program, it can often be a shock going back into the “real world”. Often, drugs and alcohol will be readily available to those exiting rehab and if they do not feel they are ready to face those temptations, sober living can be a promising in-between step.

Sober living houses can often build a community of support, which is important for those who still may be trying to reinforce the behaviors and ideas taught during their initial rehabilitation. Certain sober living facilities may require the residents to take part in either group therapy sessions or program meetings in order to continue promoting lessons that can support long-term sobriety.

Whereas living with others can be stressful as they may not understand what someone in recovery is going through, sober living houses provide a community built upon shared experiences. Returning to the previous living arrangements someone may have lived in before entering a recovery program can be problematic as well, considering there may be triggers that have led to drug use in the past. Sober living is an important step in preventing a quick relapse immediately after leaving a recovery facility.

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Can Sober Living Help With Sobriety?

Finding the right sober living facility can be a vital step in maintaining sobriety for some. Sober living, much like any aspect of recovery, is a piece of the broader individualized treatment plan. Recovery can be a hard process and finding the right methods of support is important to achieving long-term sobriety.

Some people may feel that have the support and healthy environment needed for sobriety either with family or in their community. However, most people can not guarantee that level of stability after exiting a recovery program. Sober living is an important step for many as they continue to learn valuable life skills on how to avoid relapse before entering back into regular society.

Sober living facilities that also focus on building healthy habits and therapy have been found to drastically increase the chances of someone in recovery maintaining long-term sobriety. Triggering events or situations can so easily pull those recently clean back into dangerous addictive behaviors. Sober living gives people a way to avoid those negative situations until they feel that they are ready to face them.

What's The Point Of Sober Living?

The overall goal of sober living is to drastically reduce the chances of relapse for people who have recently exited a recovery program or rehabilitation center. When taking part in an inpatient recovery program, everything is often rigorously scheduled. This schedule is designed to make it easier for those in recovery as they do not have as much free time to dwell on lingering issues.

It can often be a struggle for many people to adapt to the “real world” after leaving a recovery facility. Suddenly, everything is less scheduled and this can often lead to more time thinking about and craving the illicit drugs someone is in recovery for. A sober living facility helps transition people who may be struggling by allowing someone to experience their day when it is not heavily scheduled while also reinforcing healthy behavior.

For some, long-term sobriety would be an impossible task if not for what sober living arrangements provide. A community is built in there for those who may not otherwise have that level of support. The bonds that are created in these communities can be life-saving and the lessons are vital in the journey to recovery.

Sober Living In Los Angeles, CA

At Create Recovery Los Angles we can help you find the perfect sober living arrangement for your specific needs. We are dedicated to providing supportive and healthy environments for those in our community. It is important that you feel safe, especially during the early stages of recovery and we can help you find sober living that works best for you.

Recovery is a long process and finding the best solutions for the individual is the foundation of long-term sobriety. While the arrangements in sober living facilities are on average made for 90 days, plans can be changed based on your individual needs. We believe that every person should be given the tools they need during their recovery process. Please call us at (855)-518-0222 to learn more.