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California Co-Ed Addiction Treatment

California Co-Ed Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a disease that favors no-one. According to the National Institutes of Health 10% of adults in the United States have a substance abuse problem at some point in their lives. 75% of adults struggling with drug and alcohol addiction report not receiving any treatment. Addiction is more common than you might think and often is co-occurring with a range of mental health disorders. Due to the negative social stigma around mental health care many are unwilling to seek help for their problem.

In May of 2020 the Centers for Disease Control reported that 81,000 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States.

Addiction is a disease acknowledged in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) published by the American Psychiatric Association. Its symptoms impair your thinking and judgement, change your brain chemistry and impact emotional regulation and the ability to be successful in daily functioning. Like any other chronic illness it is important to receive care and help so you can have the chance at the best quality of life.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction or mental health diagnosis, finding substance abuse treatment may be the way to save their life. Treatment programs should be a safe space to connect and receive help from issues and events that have caused great harm and negative effects in your life. At Create Recovery the spirit of safety, inclusion, and diversity work to keep our treatment center the best place for both adult men and women seeking long term recovery from substance use and mental health disorders.

The Benefits of Co-Ed Addiction Treatment

There are many benefits for co-ed treatment in adults of all ages. Oftentimes we fail to realize that is all transparency we have more commonalities than we do differences’ especially in those walking the same path of recovery. Although we know that every one’s journey of how they got to treatment is unique and that every individual has faced their own battles, when attempting to recover from drug and alcohol abuse it is so important to build connection and share in common peril with others around you that have also had a similar experience.

In the beginning of the journey of recovery, after taking a break from unhealthy relationships and disconnecting from old places and behaviors, individuals in recovery can begin to feel isolated and alone. Feelings of guilt and shame may creep in throughout the therapeutic process as individuals work to uncover the layers of the effects their addiction has had on themselves and others.

During this time having a group of peers to connect with, coming together from all walks of life to provide support, share experiences, and problem solve together is vital to keeping on the right track. Discovering other people’s experiences, challenges, anxieties and emotions can be a building block not only for compassion and empathy towards others, but towards oneself as well. Building a new support system as well as taking the necessary steps to heal the already existing one is an important part of the recovery process. When adults can learn to be open and honest about their needs and experiences they are better positioned for long term success on sobriety. Learning to build confidence and see recovery and getting help as a strength is something we aim to teach all of our clients.

In being open to co-ed programs individuals and families also have a wider choice of treatment facilities to pick from. Many treatment centers offer a mix of evidence based psychotherapy and behavioral therapies as well as holistic therapies to ensure clients have all of the tools and skill sets they need to succeed outside of treatment. Co-ed treatment also mirrors reality and a natural environment. Rarely in real life do we see a separation of genders and participating in a co-ed program can be a way for clients of all genders to have positive meddling and examples of opposite sex interactions. Addiction is a disease, not a choice and it must be treated as such.

At Create Recovery we want to teach men and women of all ages that their choice to get help is what makes them strong and what will contribute to them having the utmost success in and after treatment while obtaining long term sobriety.

What Does Co-Ed Treatment Look Like?

At Create Recovery we offer both individual and group therapies to all of our clients struggling both with mental health conditions and substance abuse issues in an outpatient setting. All of our clients have individual sessions with a therapist in a private and confidential setting 1-3 times weekly dependent upon their needs and recommended treatment plane. Clients are also participating in 3-4 clinical groups a day based off of the following therapies and modalities:

  • Trauma Informed Process Groups
  • Psychoeducation on Trauma and addiction
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Anger Management
  • Team Building
  • Art Therapy
  • Adventure Therapy
  • Life Skills

At Create Recovery we offer gender specific groups, activities and therapeutic modalities based on the topic and goals being worked on. 100% of the time safety is our main priority for all of our clients. We understand in building specific skill sets, uncovering certain traumas and experiences and in learning to skillsets separating genders at specific times , continues to foster growth and equity in our clients recovery journeys.

At Create Recovery we also support and encourage our clients to live in sober living houses when it can help them achieve their goals. We support clients in living in gender specific housing or finding the right sober living home that is the most comfortable fit for them, based on their needs and wants.

Co-ed treatment is reccomended for individuals who understand that sex and romance are not a part of the treatment process and are not going to be a part of their journey at Create Recovery. Participating in a Co-ed program is a good voice for those who are focused and invested in theri goal to recover, maintain long term outcomes, and are solely invested in themselves.

A Diverse Treatment Approach

If you or a loved one is struggling with a mental health or substance abuse problem, consider co-ed treatment as one of your options.We offer addiction treatment for women and men ready to start a new chapter of their livesLearning new ways to build healthy relationships, be honest and take responsibility for your actions without sinking into shame are all skill sets that can be successfully attained in an environment of inclusivity and diversity. If you are interested in learning more about what treatment options could look like for you, call to speak with one of our dedicated admissions counselors today.