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Create Recovery : Services and Programming

At Create Recovery we specialize in providing adult men and women a safe and family oriented space to focus on healing, recovery and creating long lasting change for the future. We are an outpatient program offering services for treating addiction and substance abuse at the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) levels of care. While attending programming our clients have the opportunity to participate in various modalities of treatment and behavioral therapies as well as hands on skill building activities to foster growth and independence. We utilize a combination of psychological and holistic modalities geared at providing a whole person approach to treatment. At Create Recovery we understand that oftentimes the alcohol and substances are just a symptom of a broader issue underneath the surface. We want to help clients explore and heal past traumas, old thinking patterns and past experiences that led them to addiction; and implement strategies to change course for long term recovery outcomes.


Psychoeducation is a part of the therapeutic process to help individuals and families gain a fundamental understanding of the issues and challenges they may be facing. We aim to provide clients and their loved ones with a strong understanding of what addiction, trauma, and various mental health struggles actually are with the goal that having knowledge and facts about the severity and symptomatology of different illnesses will help guide individuals into understanding what changes need to be made. Phscoeducation takes place in an individual and group setting at Create Recovery.

Mindfulness & Meditation

In the practice of mindfulness and meditation individuals are encouraged to sit quietly, slow the rate of breath and focus on positive intentions or affirmations, The goal of practicing meditation is to strengthen the individual’s ability to self regulation in high pressure situations and when in emotional distress. Many beginners enjoy following guided meditations to feel comfortable. On a physical level meditation has the ability to lower high blood pressure, lower blood lactate which reduces anxiety attacks, decrease tension related pain and increase serotonin production that will improve mood and behavior. On an emotional level a regular meditation practice can decrease anxiety, foster creativity, reduce feelings of anger and frustration and help individuals gain mental clarity and awareness. Learning about mindfulness and meditation can be a great tool to help individuals understand the importance of incorporating time for self care and wellbeing while integrating back into the normalities and demands of everyday life. By teaching clients about mediation practices providers hope to instill greater confidence and serenity within an individual.

Healthy Relationships

At Create Recovery we run a variety of groups and sessions based on building healthy relationships, setting boundaries and combating codependency. Having a healthy support system, eliminating negative relationships and mending ties with family and loved ones are all essential parts of an individual’s recovery.

Life Skills

Our goal is to help our clients become independent, productive members of society. We want them to be able to be self supporting and able to have self efficacy. Our case managers work directly with our clients to create resumes, job search and maintain employment. We also help individuals learn to manage and budget finances, open back accounts and make savings goals and progress. While getting sober is the first step , we want our clients to have long term results in all aspects of their recovery. Learning and revisiting way to effectively take care of self, and balance responsibility isa core perice of our programming services.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Teaches individuals how to identify and change self defeating thought patterns that bring about symptoms of anxiety. Also helps clients in developing new coping skills and tools to maintain their long term recovery goals even in stressful or triggering situations. CBT can be successful in both a group and individual setting.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

DBT is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy. Its main purpose is to identify and change negative thinking patterns and push individuals towards lasting positive behavioral changes.

Anger Management

We often see clients that struggle with substance abuse and other mental health disorders may have trouble controlling their anger. The goal of our anger management groups is to help individuals learn tools and skills to reduce both the emotional and physiological arousal that anger causes. We aim to teach our clients that although they may not be able to get rid of or avoid the things or people that enrage you; you do have the ability to control how you react to this citation. We strive to empower clients in practicing new behaviors that will help them sustain functionality in everyday living as well as excel their abilities in managing interpersonal relationships.

Holistic & Adventure Therapies

Adventure Therapy can be a powerful approach to treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, eating disorders, and addiction, It can also be an inspiring and valuable tool used in family therapy as well. Adventure Therapy has proven to be highly effective in treating young adults but has shown positive results for older adults and family members as well. Adventure therapy fosters growth, team building and development of an individual’s psychological and physical wellbeing through hands-on activities. Adventure therapy often takes place in an outdoor setting or in nature with the goal to evoke change by utilizing collaborative games, problem solving activities, and high adventure based outdoor activities. We also offer groups dedicated to physical activity such as kickboxing and ropes courses.

Psychiatry Services

At Create Recovery we support our clients in taking medications to lessen and change the symptoms associated with mental illness and addiction. We are a MAT compliant facility as well, and support men and women in participating in medication assisted treatment in conjunction with the other parts of our recovery program.

12 Step Groups and Education

Attending support group meetings outside of a treatment center is a vital part of your continuum of care following residential treatment, outpatient treatment and sober living. They also serve as a great place to make friends and establish connections to those who understand the struggle of alcohol and drug addiction.
We help our clients get connected to local 12 step and other recovery meetings to help them begin to establish and broaden their sober support network. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are amongst the most common and popular 12 step meetings our clients choose to attend. If the 12 Steps format is not for you, there are other sober support groups that you can choose from.

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