Venice Outpatient
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Drug Abuse in Venice

Venice, located in Los Angeles County’s Westside, is a beachside neighborhood that began a resort town. Today it is known as a bustling recreational and commercial neighborhood. Venice attracts tourists from all over the world. Attractions include its boardwalk, Venice Beach, the shopping district on Abbot Kinney Blvd, and a series of canals and gondolas imported directly from its namesake, Venice, Italy. Venice is well regarded for its vibrant and unique culture, and it is sometimes known as the “Coney Island of the Pacific.”

Unfortunately, Venice is also home to a significant amount of drug and alcohol abuse. Despite its rich culture, many residents fall victim to the perilous cycle of drug dependence and addiction. While crime statistics in Venice have fallen in recent years, the drug culture around Venice beach attracts many distributors of illegal substances, including heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine, and cocaine. A significant portion of residents who may appear on the surface to live enviable lives suffer from drug and alcohol addiction problems.

Venice is fortunately home to a number of high quality treatment facilities for substance abuse. With the vast number of treatment programs available in Venice, residents should know that suffering from drug and alcohol addiction is optional. It’s simply a matter of admitting a problem and reaching out for help. If you are uncertain which treatment program in Venice is right for you, it is important to research and educate yourself on the types of treatment programs available. Different treatment programs are appropriate to different individuals, depending upon their unique needs and circumstances. While it is wise to investigate these options and reach out with any questions, you should take pride in the fact that you’ve already recognized your problem and begun to seek help.

Alcohol and Drug Outpatient Rehab Centers in Venice

It is essential to research the enormous quantity of treatment options that Venice has to offer before making a choice. While ones initial choice of treatment programs matters, most people make use of multiple treatment programs. As individuals develop stronger foundations in sobriety, they often move from one program to another. Addiction is not a condition with a cure. Instead, people who suffer from substance use disorders manage their mental illness using a combination of social support systems, coping techniques, and occasionally medication. A large body of research has shown that an important factor in decreasing rates of relapse is remaining in a treatment program longer. As a person’s needs change during recovery, so too will the nature of the assistance they need. Your circumstances and needs at the present time should be the most important factor determining your initial treatment program.

Venice PHP

Venice offers a variety of partial hospitalization programs (PHPs). PHPs are a recommended treatment program for those whose addictions have become severe and require a high degree of care. They can also be particularly useful for individuals who are experiencing medical complications, either physical or mental in nature, arising from their alcohol and drug abuse. Partial hospitalization programs are unique in that they are staffed by medical professionals in addition to addiction specialists. Doctors are available to diagnose, monitor, and treat any medical issues that emerge in the course of treatment. Partial hospitalization programs in Venice exist to offer the intensive one-on-one care that individuals with highly progressed substance use disorders require. Venice residents who suffer from comorbid mental or physical health conditions in addition to addiction can get access to medical care while developing the skills they need to stay sober over the long term. These programs offer a high degree of flexibility for patients. While patients must commit to a significant amount of treatment hours every day, they are nonetheless free to return home at the end of the day. Venice partial hospitalization programs allow individuals with highly developed addictions to receive most of the services that they would normally receive from a residential treatment program without having to uproot themselves.

Venice IOP

Venice also contains a variety of intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) that allow patients to receive treatment almost every day of the week for most of the day. Intensive outpatient programs, so named because they offer more services and structure than traditional outpatient programs, nonetheless allow individuals to return home at the end of the day. IOPs are recommended for individuals whose substance use disorders interfere with their ability to function successfully in their daily lives. By engaging in therapy, support groups, and skills training workshops, individuals in IOPs can begin rebuilding their lives and developing confidence in newfound sobriety.

Venice OP

Outpatient programs (OPs) in Venice are similar to IOPs in that they require individuals to devote a certain portion of each day to treatment. Unlike IOPs, however, outpatient programs often meet only a few days a week for significantly less time. These flexible programs are helpful to Venice residents who have commitments in their lives that they cannot afford to disrupt, such as family, work, or school. OPs are often recommended as a transitional program between a more intense treatment program, such as a PHP or IOP. By making use of an outpatient program, Venice residents can begin to reintegrate into society while continuing strengthening the skills they learned previously. Early sobriety can be challenging, and rather than making a go of it alone, many choose to continue to receive support from an outpatient program.

Venice Aftercare

After attending a Venice outpatient program, intensive outpatient program, or partial hospitalization program, it is generally recommended that graduates follow an aftercare plan. Aftercare is an essential aspect of maintaining sobriety over the long-term. Before graduating from a formal treatment program, you will work with a case worker to plan ahead for your needs. Aftercare plans can be detailed or simple, depending on the unique needs of the individual. Common aftercare services that are widely available in Venice include 12-step programs, support groups, and psychotherapy. Successful implementation of an aftercare plan is correlated with lower relapse rates. More importantly, however, remaining in aftercare treatment through any of these programs helps individuals continue to thrive in sobriety.

Your own unique needs at the present moment should determine your choice of treatment program. Important factors to take in consideration include the length of time you’ve suffered from a substance use disorder, your substance of choice, any other co-occurring disorders you might have, and your level of flexibility. While these programs do cost money, a great deal of them do accept insurance, and many of them are amenable to negotiating a payment plan. Addiction treatment programs in Venice are largely high quality, staffed with trustworthy and experienced addiction experts, mental health professionals, and case workers. If you are uncertain about which treatment program is right for you, you can discuss your unique treatment needs with the director of any of these programs.

Recovery Meetings and Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as AA, is perhaps the most well-known 12-step program. It is also the first one off of which the others are modeled. AA has a long history of helping people recover from alcohol use disorder and is considered the longest-running recovery group in the world. Meetings are available throughout almost every city on the globe, with hundreds in and around Venice alone. The AA program suggests following 12 steps in order to recover from a substance use disorder. These steps help people work toward abandoning self-will and coming to terms with the reality of addiction. During meetings, members share stories, bond over coffee, and strengthen ties with the sober community. Alcoholics Anonymous charges no fees for membership, requiring only that prospective members have a desire to stop drinking. Venice offers countless AA meetings at all hours of the day. Some popular AA meetings in and around Venice are listed below.
  • Los Angeles AA Central Office – 4311 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 104, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Cocaine Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous (CA), which is based on the same principles and methodology as Alcoholics Anonymous, also suggests that individuals in recovery follow 12 steps and participate in meetings to develop a social support system. Like AA, CA also recommends that newer members work with sponsors. Sponsors are members of CA who have worked through all 12 steps and are willing to help newer members do so themselves. Sponsors also offer moral support, resources, and help newer members navigate the challenges of early sobriety. Cocaine Anonymous, like Alcoholics Anonymous, is a free program. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop engaging in abuse behavior with cocaine. Meetings for Cocaine Anonymous are plentiful throughout the Venice area. Some popular CA meetings in Venice are listed below.
  • ON THE SAND – 610 California Ave Venice, CA 90291
  • WHAT’S CRACKING – 610 California Ave Venice, CA 90291
  • Los Angeles Cocaine Anonymous Central Office – 9100 Sepulveda Boulevard, Suite 218, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings are also plentiful throughout Venice. NA is a 12-step program modeled after AA that focuses on drug abuse instead of alcohol abuse, though there is significant crossover between both programs. Behind AA, NA is the second-largest 12-step organization by member count. Narcotics Anonymous members work through the 12 steps of the program in order to get past selfish thinking, accept the reality of addiction, and develop a social support system conducive to sobriety. Sponsors and more experienced members help newer members by offering their own experience, strength, and hope. Countless NA meetings can be found in Venice at all times of day. Below are some of the more popular Narcotics Anonymous meetings in and around Venice.
  • Southern California Regional Service Office of Narcotics Anonymous – 1937 S. Myrtle Avenue Monrovia, CA 91016
  • Westwide Hope Center – 11313 Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90066
  • Cafe Tropical – 2900 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90026

SMART Recovery

For those who are not inclined to pursue the spiritual solutions that 12-step programs recommend, SMART Recovery is also a viable alternative. SMART Recovery meetings in Venice utilize a secular and scientific approach to addiction treatment. Their evidence-based treatment modalities, which are based on principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), aim to strengthen members’ sense of self-efficacy and autonomy. At SMART Recovery meetings in Venice, individuals suffering from addiction can learn to manage their moods, thoughts, behaviors, and cravings so that they can remain clean and sober over the long-term. While there are countless face-to-face SMART Recovery meetings throughout Venice and its surrounding neighborhoods, members are also advised to make use of online meetings that provide additional resources and support. Listed below are a selection of SMART Recovery meetings in and around Venice.
  • The Clare Foundation – 1334 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401 USA
  • EVO Health and Wellness – 340 Sunset Ave, Venice, CA 90291 USA
  • Greater Bethel Cathedral – 4831 Gramercy Place , Los Angeles, California 90062, USA


While it is obvious that any person who is suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol needs to seek treatment, family members and loved ones of addicts often have their own struggles and challenges. Knowing someone who suffers from addiction can be painful, complex, and sometimes traumatizing. Al-Anon is a program that provides support and resources for family members, friends, and loved ones of people with addiction. The program, like AA and NA, is 12-step based, and emphasizes not trying to control the behavior of the addicted person. If your life has been affected by a loved one with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, getting treatment and focusing on your own needs is often the best course of action. At Al-Anon meetings in Venice, individuals receive moral support and resources from others who have overcome similar challenges. Popular Al-Anon meetings in Venice are listed below.
  • Joslyn Park – 633 Kensington Road, Santa Monica, CA, 90405, USA
  • Mt Olive Lutheran Church – 1343 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA, 90405, USA
  • Marina Center – 12720 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90066, USA

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Create Recovery Center

Given the plethora of treatment programs available in Venice, it can be a challenge to decide which one is ideal for you. Deciding to seek help for an addiction is a courageous choice, and it is essential to be sure you are in good hands. If you are feeling lost, confused, and uncertain about which treatment program makes the most sense for you, Create Recovery Center is likely the solution for you.

Located near Venice in beautiful West Los Angeles, Create Recovery Center provides people suffering from substance use disorders with the resources and support they require for long-term recovery. Individuals detox and develop a strong program of sobriety in our nonjudgmental and safe environment, where dedicated and experienced staff members are on-call at all times. Create Recovery Center’s team of counselors and addiction experts work to assess each individual’s unique needs so that all of them are addressed during the course of treatment. It is our philosophy that addiction recovery is best achieved by looking holistically at the whole person, not just their addiction.

Create Recovery Center emphasizes evidence-based treatment methods that cater to individuals. We take into account each person’s individual history with substances, personal circumstances, and mental health history. Using a wide variety of therapeutic modalities, from behavioral therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy to medication management, Create Recovery Center helps individuals develop a better understanding of the underlying issues behind their addictions. As they build stronger foundations in sobriety, they will also develop new skills and tools that they will bring with them into their newfound sober lives.

Create Recovery Center offers intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, outpatient programs, and aftercare planning. Whether you’re in early sobriety, merely considering quitting substances, or struggling after graduating from a different treatment center, Create Recovery is here for you. We are committed to helping individuals discover new hope and build new lives for themselves.